Monday, January 18, 2010

MLK Day Ride

TGIM. What better way to start off a week, than doing a 75 mile ride with a bunch of friends on a sunny 60+ degree day in January, and capping it off with large quantities of Mexican food.  LL organized the ride and started us out riding a lap of the 6 mile course that will be used in the upcoming Blythewood RR.  I'm not sure if that course is really what the race will use though.  It includes 1 mile of dirt, plus two short steep climbs. 

After the race loop, we headed out into the country and went through Ridgeway, Winnsboro, Cedar Creek, and back to Blythewood.  The group was 11, including Nathan from Charleston, and Robert from Rock Hill.  The ride was pretty damn fast for so early in the year.  We averaged 21.5 mph on a hilly route.  My NP was 242 watts, despite trying to conserve energy.  Apparently everyone is training a lot even though we've had unusually cold weather since Christmas. 

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