Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Two Ride Tuesday

I haven't raced in about a month, but have been able to consistently train during that time.  I've been busy (or maybe just too lazy to wake up super early like LL and Robert), so most of my workouts are about an hour or less.  I've done a lot of threshold work with a touch of L6/L7 thrown in the mix from time to time.  On days when I can make it to the TNCWC, I'm going to do a morning workout on the same day.  That's what I did yesterday - 45 minutes on the trainer at 6:45 am with 32 minutes around threshold, followed by the crit at 6:30 pm, with 8 hours of office time in between.

 The TNCWC was pretty fast tonight, averaging over 26 mph.  I got in a few moves, one solo for a couple of laps, but everything came back.  After RW, Karl, and Nick were caught, I got away with exactly 2 laps to go and got a good gap that held up to the finish, just barely.  Last 5 minutes were 376 watts, 26.6 mph.  Also I set a season best 5 second power of 1160 early on in an attack that Marc W followed with ease.


Robert Kendrick said...

JC is back in business!

Anonymous said...

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