Sunday, May 2, 2010

Tour de Moore

Here's my file from the 81 mile Tour de Moore pro/1/2/3 race a week ago.  This race was a good test  of my less is more training plan.  I have done virtually no distance riding lately.  I have done plenty of threshold work lately, usually in rides that are about 1 hour total, and I've done our local TNCWC ride a few times.  The TdM race was the longest ride I have done since last summer.

LL and I left at 4:20 am to make the 8 am start time in Southern Pines, NC.  In the race I felt pretty good and tried to get in breaks a few times.  I was solo off the front for about 1 mile with 10 miles to go, burning some energy.  About 5 miles from the finish I was in the back, when a crash near the front took out LL.  He was unhurt, but his shifter was turned and he didn't get back on.  Approaching the long uphill drag to the finish there was one rider off the front but he still appeared to be possibly within reach.  I was getting antsy approaching the 1 K and launched an attack on the left side from about 12 places back.  I got a good gap, but pretty much died after making that initial 15 second burst, and got passed by several riders over the last 200 meters.  Final 1:33 was 554 watts, getting me 10th, but not even close to enough to hold off a pro/1/2 field.

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