Friday, April 10, 2009

Long Ride on Good Friday

I did a long ride today for the first time in many weeks. I hooked up with Gordon, Ladd, and Ward this morning for a nice jaunt up to the outskirts of Great Falls, over to White Oak, down to Winnsboro, then Ridgeway and back to Blythewood. It was windy, but with three other strong riders to block the wind, it was no big deal. We didn't really push the pace too much and still averaged 20.6 mph. I did do one 4 minute effort at 356 watts, and a couple of others at around threshold, but that was it. I spent a lot of time out of the wind. I didn't time any of Gordon's pulls, but it seemed like he was always on the front and never seemed to get tired.

Our store stop in Winnsboro was a shady looking liquor/beer store. Four dudes in spandex walking past cases of 40's looking for Gatorade. What a sight we must have been.


Anonymous said...

Maximum heart rate of 246? Is this an adrenaline spike going downhill? Mines been peaking around 250 this year and I'm trying to figure out why. I can only "push" it up to 220 on my own on flats or up hills.

Jay said...

That 246 heart rate is bad data. I seem to be getting some interference at certain places, like under power lines and perhaps riding by homes with invisible fences. Usually the average HR is only slightly affected. I think my true max is in the high 190's.

The power data seems to be 100% accurate though.

Jay said...

Even 220 seems really high to me. I can't imagine reaching that.