Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I had a nice workout last night at the crit. I got there early enough to squeeze in 10 minutes at around threshold during my warm-up. We had a huge group last night, including some faces I haven't seen in a while. The crit rolled out at the usual slow pace for the neutral lap, but Rich took off as soon as we hit the start line and stayed away for a while. Maybe that was so his rear facing on bike camera could get good footage.

Breaks came and went all evening, but nothing got away. I attacked a few times myself and was pretty exhausted near the end and didn't really feel like I had a sprint in my legs, so I stayed near the front to help with the pace. Meat took a big pull to open up the last lap. I came through briefly, but Rich decided to come around and take the front. I followed him around turn 4, and when he pulled off I managed to stay in the lead for a few seconds before yielding to the sprint, which was easily won by Marc W.

Summary data showed 319 watts NP for 42 minutes. I was really tired. I just spun easy this morning to recover. I'm planning a couple of days in a row of threshold work before a rare bike free weekend.

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