Wednesday, June 3, 2009

3rd Hard Workout in 2 Days

About 11 hours after racing in the TNCWC last night, I rolled out of my driveway for some hill repeats on a nice zero traffic road that is 12 minutes from my house. The climb starts with a steep 20 second section, followed by a 20 second flat, followed by another 20 second steep pitch. Then it is a gradual climb, before it kicks up again near the end taking about 4 1/2 minutes going hard. I rode the steep parts out of the saddle at over 400 watts and rode easier on the flatter sections resulting in a 375 watt average for 5 intervals.

I was really pleased with the power numbers today, especially since I did two workouts yesterday, and didn't get enough sleep last night. Now I'm going to rest up for a big race weekend in Beaufort, SC which includes a 40K TT and 60 minute crit on Saturday, plus a 63 mile RR on Sunday.

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