Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tuesday Crit

After doing some intervals in the morning (see previous post) I made my way to the crit course at about 6:15 for the 6:30 start. It was hot so I didn't want to be in the heat any longer than I had to. I spent some of the early minutes of the race nestled in near the back of the group, while I tried to get my legs going.

About 12 minutes in, I went hard for about a minute at 440 something watts, but was brought back. Then I sat near the back for a few more minutes, while Rich and Karl were away. After the pack chased and brought them closer. I launched and went up to them. Marc and Nick followed. Karl jumped in, but Rich sat up, thinking the field was right there. The four of us traded pulls and quickly built up a big gap. Karl dropped back after a while, and the three of us continued.

I looked back a few times late in the race, and didn't think there was anybody near us. The field had broken up and lots of riders were assembled at the finish line. Apparently a small group including Jamie, Damon, and Rich had us in their sites. At 2 laps to go, we slowed a little and near the end of the lap, when I was thinking about suggesting that the 3 of us finish together, Nick jumped. I followed and Marc caught back up to us. Yes we are all teammates. Then Nick attacked again. We got back together, and eventually Marc said he would just lead us out so we could sprint each other. I came by Nick near the finish.

I'm pleased with how I felt today. I was at 101% (330w NP) for the 31 minute break and didn't feel like I was fading much at the end.


JB said...

you forgot to mention how you cheated everyone else out of the chance to beat you...LOL

Jay said...

You've been reading too much nonsense. It has been suggested that the 50 minutes + 2 laps race ended a lap early, but since we don't have official timing and a lap counter, it's a little tricky when the leaders cross the finish at almost exactly 50 minutes, but that's part of the excitement of the TNCWC.