Sunday, August 17, 2008

Feelin' Fast

I wasn't able to get away for the sprint tri I was signed up for, but I did manage to get in a hard 2 hour ride solo. I followed that up with a 2 mile tempo run. Felt really fresh after a reduced volume week. Ended up with a 275w NP avg for the whole ride.


Rich W said...

Please no talking about "bricks" and using those dorky behind the seat bottle holders.

A CTL of 85? that's my TSB right now!

Reading this blog's gonna suck.

Jay said...

Yes, two of my first three posts have mentioned something about a triathlon. I purposely avoided using the word "brick" though.

spokejunky said...

Welcome to the blogosphere mah brutha. Now I can incessantly bug you in the electropaper world. You're looking like you will kill it in G'ville.

JB said...

Glad to see another good blog to check out! The last blog I was following kind of petered out...(Rich!) LOL
See ya' Saturday.