Thursday, August 21, 2008

Trainer Week

Looks like tomorrow will be five straight days on the trainer. I usually get out on the road at least once during the work week, but I just haven't made the extra effort to go for a real ride this week. My routine is to wake up, grab some coffee and gatorade, head down to the basement with laptop in hand, crank the a/c to 65, queue up something from my netflix view instant queue and ride. It's not hard to pay attention to what I'm watching while riding at threshold pace or lower. The hardest workout I've done was 2 x 20 on Wednesday at right around my FTP(click on the image to the left). Today I rode SST for 53 minutes at 93% and felt like I could've kept on going if I had time, so maybe I'm getting back the form I had couple of months ago. CTL is at 87 now after peaking at 90 several days ago. For me that's pretty high and should be good for the state RR in a little over a week.


Aaron Trent said...

Looking at your peak wattages over the various durations makes you look like a model of consistency.

Jay said...

I was trying to stay between 315 and 320 watts the whole time and didn't deviate from that range much at all. If I did the same thing on the road, no matter how flat it was, the power would fluctuate much more. Also it helped that I was not quite at my limit.