Friday, August 15, 2008

Rest Days with Little Rest

I took two complete days off the bike. I did no training of any kind on Wednesday or Thursday - zero riding, not even a run or swim, but it was anything but restful. I got little sleep and basically lived at the hospital for a day and a half. This morning, home and armed with 8 hours of sleep I was able to do some training, so I went down to my basement room and knocked out an hour on the trainer. I decided to do a series of 15 second sprints, followed by a half hour of SST(sweet spot training) at about 90% of FTP wattage. This workout wasn't too hard. The main goal was to just do something at least semi-productive on the bike. I'm signed up for a sprint tri in Greenville Sunday morning, but it is likely that I'll stay home, unless my wife recovers super fast and can get around the house on her own, by that time.

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