Sunday, October 5, 2008

3rd Race in 2 days (4th place)

This morning was a 52 mile road race on a military base in Port Royal. It was a pancake flat course, but still a very good venue for a race. We had full road closure for all but a mile or so. There were several turns and curves on the 10.5 mile course, and many areas exposed to the wind. It was definitely a course that favored the big power riders. My teammate LL got into the early break at mile 3, then hooked up with Eric C and shedded the rest of break. Those two built up a two minute lead and stayed away, with LL finishing a close 2nd in the sprint. Back in the field I was able to break free solo with a little over one lap to go. Sean from team CTM quickly bridged up to me and we were able to build a big gap after a few miles. We got pretty close to LL with a couple of miles to go, so I decided to ease off because it didn't make sense to help a spinter up to the front of the race right before the finish, who would probably smoke us all. I felt better about LL's odds one on one against Eric. Ultimately, I was overmatched in the sprint for 3rd, but felt good to snag 4th on a course that didn't really suit a skinny climber type like me.

From a wattage perspective the race file isn't outstanding, with only a 279w NP average for 2:05, but there were a number of hard zone 6 bursts when the race was active. There were also plenty of lulls where it was easy to recover.

I finished 3rd in the three race omnium, while LL vaulted up to 4th. It was a solid way to end the season. Now that its over, I'm not going to pack away my bike. I'm just going to ride when I feel like riding, and do a little running. I am NOT riding or running or anything tomorrow. I'm tired.


Jay said...

In case anyone's interested, the results from last weekend's races are posted...

LL said...

was wondering where these were
wonder when they will finally report them