Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Intensity During Taper Week

After doing short easy spins on Monday and Tuesday, I threw in some intensity this morning. My goal was to spend some time at and above threshold, but I wanted to keep the total interval time at about half what I would do in a typical workout. I ended up doing 8 minutes at about threshold, 5 minutes about 20 watts above that, followed by 1 minute really hard, but not all out. I think this was enough work to keep me sharp, but not cause much fatigue. Tomorrow, I'll do 30-45 minutes easy. Friday I'll do about 1 hour with a few short efforts. Then Saturday morning it's off to the state TT championship in Yemassee, SC followed by a 60 minute crit in the afternoon, and a 63 mile road race on Sunday.


spokejunky said...

Need a place to crash or are you not doing the Sunday race?

Jay said...

Thanks, but I've got that covered. I'm racing all 3 events, splitting a hotel with LL.