Monday, November 3, 2008

Columbia-Roubaix Ride and More MTB

On Saturday morning I took part in a long group ride with a twist. MM put together a route that started in the Fort and headed south to Eastover, then west to Hopkins, while hitting at least a dozen different dirt sections. It was a blast bombing down unfamiliar dirt roads at 20-25mph. On the pavement we mostly just cruised along and an easy pace. The pace picked up a bit after LL, Justin and I broke off in Hopkins to head back to the NE. We just rode steady tempo, but I was still exhausted by the end. Lots of tss points were earned for an off season ride (166).

Sunday I rode the SS 29er at Harbison, which was also a blast. The 32x17 gearing made things tough riding Spiderwoman, but that gear is great overall for this place. There's an mtb race there in a couple of weeks and I think I'm gonna race. I'm still in OK shape so why not?


LL said...

If you don't post every day, what am I suppose to read at work?!

JB said...

Just take some bailout money and give it to Lifestudy. That should keep you entertained at work!
Good luck on the MTB race Jay.

Jay said...

Hah! I just finally saw these two comments. For some reason, my email notifications for my blog were going to my spam folder. That's why I haven't responded. I want you to have plenty to read at work LL.