Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Weekday Morning SST

I'm not riding everyday now, but when I do ride I'm trying to get the maximum training effect that I can get in a short period of time. On Tuesday I did this 48 minute SST(sweet spot training) effort on the trainer, with a total on bike time of 58 minutes including warm-up and cool-down. At this intensity level its hard, but not too hard.

On Monday and Wednesday, I skipped riding and lifted weights on my lunch hour.


SW said...

So what is your view on lifting weights, and what exercises do you focus on when doing them?

That trainer session looks tough. I'd have a tough time staying focused at that intensity for that long on a trainer.

Jay said...

I've always lifted weights in the fall & winter, for both lower and upper body. Beyond possibly helping improve my sprint I'm not convinced that all that lifting makes me faster, but I think it is good for my overall health and fitness including maintaining bone density.

For lower body I do free weight squats, leg press, leg curls and calf raises. For upper body I do pulling exercises such as pull downs, chin-ups, and cable rows. I also do weighted dips, and bench press. I do some machines for abs. I probably should add more core exercises.

As for SST workouts on the trainer, it gets easier mentally over time. I still find it MUCH easier to do 40 or 50 minutes at 90% or so, than to do 2 x 20 at 100%.