Friday, November 21, 2008

Three mornings of SST

After a couple of rest days following the mtb race, I did three consecutive mornings of hard tempo, otherwise known as SST. It sounds boring, but I kept the workouts short, with the longest being 58 minutes. As an experiment, on Thursday I did no warm-up or cool-down. I simply rode the whole 50 minutes at about 90% of threshold. It wasn't too bad. That day I also lifted weights at lunch, and this morning I felt sluggish.

I've already decided that SST would be my bread and butter workout for the offseason, but a comment posted on a forum recently by power training guru Andy Coggan reinforced my belief in SST. Coggan recently said, "In terms of riding indoors, though, I believe that *every* workout that isn't a recovery ride or some form of structured intervals should be in the "sweet spot"."

Tomorrow I plan to actually get outdoors and ride some, assuming that temperatures rise well above the forecast low of 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

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