Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sunday Inside

I was planning to go do Toby's annual ride around the lake, but I made the very easy decision to bail, since it was raining and foggy outside this morning. I stayed dry and did some SST on my trainer in the basement. I got in about 1 hour at 91% of FTP, with one short break in the middle to get off the bike and stretch a bit.

I haven't had much downtime this offseason, and my CTL stands at about 70 right now, which is probably 12 to 15 points higher than the start of 08. I'm going to ramp up the training in a couple of weeks and try to add at least 20 more points to CTL by early March.

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JB said...

I heard only 10 guys showed and 7 were Harrel's.