Monday, March 30, 2009

Breakthrough Threshold Workout

I broke out of my training rut today with a great 2 x 20 workout on the road. I averaged 334 watts for the first 20 minutes headed North up Hwy 269. I did the second one in 328 watts, but it was on a less than ideal route, with a left turn, two stop signs and almost no flat stuff. I did manage to finish strong averaging 397 watts for the final minute.

This is the first time I've averaged over 330 watts for 2 x 20, since 2005. I just hope it wasn't a fluke. My legs really felt like they should when you are tapering for a peak. It wasn't really planned, but due to all of the racing I've done lately, and being sick last week, I backed off some and as a result my TSB has been positive for about 7 days in a row.

Tomorrow I'm planning to make it to the training crit. I really like stacking two hard days in a row, and it works much better to do structure on day one, then a crit on day 2, than to start a two day block with a crit.


JB said...

WOW! Greta stuff. Time to update the FTP value on WKO+!

LL said...

I already told him that. But he wants to keep it low like this doctor who lives in the NE who racks up lots of TSS points since his FTP is about 25 watts too low.

Jay said...

Yeah, I'll move the FTP up a little. JB I don't even know what your FTP is, but I'm sure you need to raise it.