Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tuesday VO2 Hill Repeats

I rolled out this morning planning to just ride easy and maybe do a few openers, since I thought I would need two days to recover from the weekend races. Once I got going I felt fine, so I decided to do the workout I was planning for tomorrow. I did 5 x 4.5 minute hill repeats on Pine Grove Rd at an average of 387 watts, which is 119% of FTP. This is about as good of a VO2 interval set as I've ever had, despite having a TSB of -14 today.

I'm not sure what I'll do tomorrow morning; maybe just a solid SST ride. I hope the rain moves out by then.

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JB said...

Maybe it is best you sit this race out and let the mere mortals have a chance. Geez you're getting strong.
Now if only they'd cut the swim to 300 meters...
Good luck at Nats.