Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Afternoon Group Ride

This afternoon, I took part in a six man ride from LL's house in Wildewood. We rolled out at 2 pm in near perfect conditions with sunshine, 66 degrees and light wind. It was a damn good day to be off from work. Traffic was a little heavy in the Clemson Road, Two Notch area, but I guess that is always the case.

I think the intent of the ride was to ride at an endurance pace, but riding single paceline the whole way we kept a fast pace. Throwing out the first and last five minute segments where we were piddling around in the neighborhood, we averaged 22.1 mph. I'd still call this an endurance pace ride, but the 239 watt NP is right at the bottom of L3.

The 833 watt max was set as JB and I kicked it up to get into the draft of a truck on Sparkleberry near the end. We passed at least 3 county line signs today, and no one flinched. I need to at least attempt a sprint soon, just to remember what that feels like.

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JB said...

I wondered why nobody attempted a county line sprint. I sure wasn't going to butt heads w/ you guys at this stage of my training!!! At least we got to chase the truck so pretend that was your sprint session.