Friday, December 26, 2008

Day After Christmas Ride

LL and I met this morning for an endurance pace ride through Blythewood, and up to Ridgeway this morning. The rain did move through before we started, but a fine mist persisted, keeping the roads wet and the temperatures from reaching 50. I felt fine riding, but with wet feet and legs this ride would've really sucked if the temps were 5 or 10 degrees lower.

When I got back home I was surprised to see that my wife had ventured out on her bike. It turns out she did 1 1/2 hours solo in the crappy weather, and was a little underdressed. Needless to say she came inside shivering.

I'm taking a little training break until the middle of next week. Tomorrow morning, we are off to Strongsville, Ohio for a few days to visit the in laws.


spokejunky said...

Lake effect snow is your mantra. Know it.
Bring me back some Mike Sells Groovy and Green Onion potato chips. I'll pay top dollar.

JB said...

We rode Staurday and it was no better. Misty, foggy and 50 degrees all day. Sunday was nice. C ya when you get back.

Jay said...

Yeah, Saturday was crappy. Didn't feel about not getting outdoors to ride. Sunday was nice so I rode my bicycle a whopping 2 hours, since I didn't make the planned Ohio trip.