Monday, December 1, 2008

Holiday Weekend Riding Recap

The weather was awesome on Friday, so I did a third consecutive day of road riding, getting in about 2 hours. I basically rode tempo after a long warm-up. I decided to skip LL's 95 mile ride around Lake Wateree. I'm just not up for 5 hours on a bike right now.

I almost made it through Black Friday without shopping, but ended up making a trip to Walmart late in the day to pick up some Christmas lights, so we could get every bush in the front lit up. To my surprise Walmart wasn't crowded at all.

I did not venture out on my bike on Saturday or Sunday because it rained the entire time. I actually did 1 hour on the trainer each morning with 40+ minutes of SST each workout. The weekly summary shows six consecutive days on the bike with a good portion of that time spend in L3 and L4. I also managed to lift weights a couple of days. I've probably never trained this much on Thanksgiving week, but this year I wasn't traveling and I had plenty of time.

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