Tuesday, March 10, 2009

First Tuesday Night Training Crit

We had a big crowd tonight for the first Tuesday Night Criterium World Championship of the year. After sitting in my cubicle all day it was great to bust out and enjoy the extra daylight and 75 degree weather. During my warm-up I squeezed in a 9 minute steady threshold effort at 314 watts.

The race started out fast and I took several big pulls early on. The pace was high enough that people were going off the back after a couple of laps. I started attacking after a while and was off the front some. The winning break began a little before the half way mark. Originally it was four riders, including only Nick from Palmetto Velo. I jumped across bringing Marc with me. Brian C. came up too, so we ended up with seven total in the break with three from PV. Casey, fresh off her big win at Rouge Robaix over the weekend, was in there too.

I took a big pull as soon as we all got together and after everyone else rotated through we were quickly out of reach. With about 10 minutes to go, I kicked off the attacks. I never got very far, but probably wore some people down. Eventually Nick was able to get away and win solo. Marc won the sprint for second, and I came across third.

The power numbers were really good today. 328 watts NP for the race at an IF of 1.04! For the entire 1:10 that I was on my bike the IF was .97

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