Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday Openers

Went out on the road today for an easy ride with a few openers. A few 1 minute or so hard efforts really jacks up the VI and thus the normalized power. So, my little 18.4 mph ride at an average HR of 122 had a 242 watt NP. It was a very hilly route and there was a lot of wind. Check out the 13 minute section on the graph, where I did the openers. 325 watts NP because of a few efforts, but there was also a lot of rest in there. My HR did hit 179, but was coming down quickly during the rest and only averaged 130 during the 13 minutes.

I may have seen one of those shovel ready stimulus projects while I was riding today. I was on the Fairfield county portion of Pine Grove Road, which is easily the worst paved section of road in that county. This road is nice and smooth with zero traffic in Richland county, but when you hit the Fairfield county line, it turns into a bone jarring, rock paved, pot hole ridden mess. A road crew was filling the pot hills with asphalt, so now the road is rock paved with little mounds of ashpalt. Big Improvement.

Tomorrow I'm going up to Salisbury, NC for a short 40 mile masters 35+ road race. Looks like the field is gonna be stacked. This one's going to be fast like a crit and I'll need to line up near the front and go hard from the gun.

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