Thursday, March 19, 2009

Wednesday 2 x 20's

I kind of messed up with my training plan this week. I raced three times over the weekend and should have given myself Monday and Tuesday to recover, especially since I have a road race this Saturday. Instead I decided to do intervals on Tuesday morning, assuming I could handle it. Wrong. I attempted to do a 2 x 20, but wasn't able to complete it. I managed to do the first 20 minutes at around threshold, but struggled big time in the second one and had to stop at 16 minutes.

Wednesday I felt much better, although not 100% and I managed get the exact same workout done at 314w and 318w. I should've been content with one workout this week, and made it count. Also I need to recover for the next race. After this weekend I won't be racing for about a month.

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