Thursday, March 12, 2009

L4 Intervals on the Road

Yesterday after work I did some threshold intervals on the road. Usually I do this stuff in the morning on my trainer, but after the crit the previous night, I needed more time to recover, and the weather was just too nice to be inside. I did the first 12 minute interval headed north on 269 and averaged 325 watts. Then after resting a couple of minutes I came back south for 12 minutes at 329 watts. I added another 10+ minute effort at 327 watts mostly uphill on Cedar Creek Road as I headed back home.

My legs didn't really feel good, but I was able to maintain the pace. It just hurt a lot. This morning I gave myself a break and rode for 45 minutes at 62%. Tomorrow if its not raining, I'm going to ride over and do a couple of laps of the course for Saturday's crit, which is a mere 5 miles from home.

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