Saturday, September 6, 2008

2 x 20's

This workout is one I did on the trainer on Thursday morning. I was pushed for time and started this about 15 minutes after getting out of bed. I still did 16 minutes warm-up, because that's about the minimum I need. I think I pushed myself pretty hard on these 20 minute efforts and was hoping to see 325w, but 320w average is still good.

My weight has slipped to 68 kg, so my power to weight at FTP is getting back to a level where I think I could compete in a pro/1/2 RR, which is exactly what I hoped to do this weekend. BUT I found out Friday morning that the Augusta GA races for this weekend were canceled due to tropical storm Hanna, even though it ended up staying far enough away, and didn't affect our area at all. I was looking forward to racing the hilly RR course on Ft. Gordon, where I finished 2nd last year. Oh well, I might dust off the TT bike this weekend and start getting ready for the state TT that's in 4 weeks. And yes, I will be running the wireless PT wheel on the tt bike for every ride I do. I have to swap to a 9 spd cassete, which is a pain, but I'll do it.

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