Saturday, September 13, 2008

TT effort

After a few rides to readjust to the TT bike, I decided to put in a hard TT effort this morning to see where I stand. I did an out and back 18.5 mile effort on Hwy 269 after about 30 minutes of warmup heading out there. I started out trying to stay a little over 300 watts and that turned out to be a good guess as to what I could do. I was struggling in the middle portion, but managed to get a second wind and pushed 321 watts for the final 5 minutes. I did have a car that buzzed me about 3/4 of the way through that probably spiked my adrenalin. I was cruising at maybe 27mph on a long straight section maybe a foot from the white line and a white haired lady in a cream colored Lincoln pased me coming within 6 inches of my bars. She was only going about 35 and somehow failed to see me even though I was wearing a bright orange kit and the weather conditions were clear and there was zero traffic. Final averages were 306w and 25.2 mph for 44 minutes...not bad, but I'll have to pick it up a bit to be competitive at the state TT.


JB said...

Holy crap! That is scary.

Jay said...

At least the car was going slow, but it was still a close call.