Monday, September 1, 2008

SC State RR

The state RR on Saturday was a success. My teammate LL is the new 35-39 state champ and I got silver. Not bad for a two man team. We actually finished 3rd and 6th overall, but the 60 mile race also included the 30-34 group and many out of state riders, not eligible for the state championship. LL went with a 3 man break that formed at maybe mile 10. That group got a quick minute or so lead by the end of the first 15 mile lap. I stayed near the front, just behind the half hearted attempt by several riders to chase for a lap or so. From my vantage point the race was pretty easy. I was ready to follow a wheel in case someone made a serious attempt to go across to the break, but that never happened. Early in the final lap I goofed and didn't go with a couple of guys who got a slight gap. At this point LL's group was safely out of reach, but I should've just just gone with every move. I was feeling rested enough and could have done that. Eventually I tried to bridge across to the two chasers by myself, but failed(see graph, 345w AP for 5 min). In that bridge attempt, I was making up ground and was maybe 20 seconds back, but failed not because I slowed down, but because the field dragged it's way back up to me. Then immediately the apathetic field slowed back down and I watched those riders get back away. I didn't know this at the time, but LL was still the only SC 35+ rider up the road, so silver was still a possibility. After a few minutes of rest I went away with Ryan Jenkins and Matt Botting. We stayed away for the final 12 minutes of the race(see graph, 363w NP), but were joined by one more who came across when the field closed to us near end. I attacked on a short climb with about 1 mile to go(see graph, 816w for 16 sec and 440w for 2:12), sensing that if I waited any longer someone else from the field might get us. I rode in to the finish alone and that effort was good enough to take the silver medal and the final money spot.

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LL said...

2 man team get both the top medals....yeah, good showing!
To all: When you are in a strong break and your teammate (ie the strongest guy on your team) is the strongest guy in the pack, you ride with a big smile on your face.