Sunday, September 28, 2008

Group Ride TT Training

Saturday morning, I did a 2 hour training ride with LL and BW. We did 2 x 1o minutes with 3 minutes recovery while we were headed north on Hwy 269. I tried to push a little harder than my previous threshold workouts on the tt bike. We staggered the start on the intervals so that I went off 20 seconds after LL. It was nice having a carrot up ahead to help push myself. I don't think I made up much ground on him though, even with a little ring climb towards the end. Average watts for the first 10 minutes was 325. Then I went off 20 seconds before LL on the second 10 minute interval, with BW going first again. About half way through, LL caught and passed me. Then he slowed a bit and I went back by him and keep my pace in the mid 320's watt range and ended up averaging 323 watts. Just as I stopped my interval, LL zoomed back by me as he finished. After the intervals we regrouped, and took turns taking long pulls at tempo pace, then eventually chilled and rode easy for the last few minutes. I'd have to say that LL has an edge on me for the 40K TT that we are doing this Saturday. He's going to push 360 or so watts. My skinny ass can maybe do 320 watts. The weight advantage is in my favor, but on a basically flat course, that may not be enough to equalize things.


LL said...

Not so sure. Our speeds were almost exactly the same and I was pushing too many watts for the workout. My guess is it is going to be real close either way.

Jay said...

I was about at my limit near the end, so I was probably pushing too hard also.