Thursday, September 25, 2008

8 x 3's

Here's a fun workout I did this morning on the trainer. Not! Intervals done at more than 50 watts over FTP are in no way fun, they hurt really bad, but I convinced myself that I needed a hard structured workout today to try and eke out more gains in fitness before I begin my taper in a few days. My wife was actually down in the basement riding her trainer beside me today. She hates riding a trainer, but right now that's all she's cleared to do while she continues to recover from surgery to repair a tendon in her foot. I managed to average 374 watts for my 3 minute intervals, which is fine. In a couple of weeks I can stop this madness and enjoy the off season.


LL said...

"couple?!" I am on the countdown! 9 days, 3 races then....The couch!
(of course looking at my recent "training" might suggest that I have already shut it down. I HATE reading yours! Makes me feel bad.)

Jay said...

Yeah, its less than two weeks until those last races. I'm gonna take a break after. Don't pretend that you haven't been training. I know your TT bike has seen plenty of miles lately.

spokejunky said...

Podium for the couchatude. My first podium for the season...I'd like to thank Fig Newtons and Fat Tire Ale for their gracious support.