Friday, September 19, 2008

Thursday Threshold Effort

I decided that I needed to get in a hard workout on this day, since I didn't push it on the tt bike Wednesday. I could tell within the first couple of minutes during my warm-up that I had good legs today. This was in contrast to Tuesday where I never felt comfortable even warming up. I started out planning to do 2 x 20, but once I got started, I decided to just do one long effort and go at least 30 minutes. I actually picked up the pace a little as I went along and averaged 322 watts for 32 minutes. I really didn't go all out, so this shows that my fitness is improving. I don't know what to expect out of myself in the crit this Sunday, but I'm pretty sure I'm on track to do well in the state TT in a couple of weeks.


Jay said...

By the way ignore the 30 mph average speed in this interval. I was on the trainer. I only wish I could really go 30 mph.

LL said...

I was about to bail on the TT!!

JB said...

Good luck Sunday!