Friday, February 6, 2009

75 miles on a Friday

I spent Friday afternoon doing a long training ride with Rich and Ward. We rode to Lake Wateree, over to Ridgeway, then west almost to Winnsboro, then through Cedar Creek, back to Blythewood. This is a hilly route and we had a near constant headwind for the second half of the ride, but we still managed to hold an average speed above 20 mph. My NP was 240 watts, which is pretty high for me over such a long period of time. The final 2 hours was actually done at a 250w NP.

I didnt' really set out to push this hard today, but once we got going I just got into a rhythm of taking long pulls at 85 to 90% or so of FTL. I'm getting so used to riding that one pace. Tomorrow is going to be another story though. Its my team's official training ride. It's going to be a large group ride ridden at a pace where we can all stay together. After today's big effort, I might want to sit in and take it easier tomorrow.

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