Sunday, February 1, 2009

More Distance Training

I decided to cap off the weekend with another endurance ride. LL said he was doing 3 hours, so I agreed to do the same. We rode to Lake Wateree and pretty much took it easy, but it was windy and that's a hilly route, so we did have to put some effort into it. We sprinted for the 3 county line signs, and I came up short each time. The first one was very close and I did manage to produce exactly 1100 watts for 5 seconds at 68.6 kg body weight, which is my best 5 seconds in a long time.

On paper this doesn't look like that tough of a ride, but after 151 miles and over 5000kJ in two days, I was exhausted.


spokejunky said...

68.6kg at 6'2"? In the immortal words of Fat Bastard: I've had craps that weighed heavier than you. Good lord dude...what's your 5s power:weight these days?

Jay said...

Yes, I'm right at my typical race weight of 68 to 69kg. 5s is 16.03 watts/kg. That's actually better than my peak 5 sec from 2008. I will never be mistaken for a sprinter, but am just trying to work on a weakness.