Monday, February 23, 2009

Sunday Solo Ride

Sunday morning I opted for a solo distance ride instead of another race up in Greenville. I've been building over the last 5 weeks and I was happy to ease into racing by doing only one race this weekend.

I started off by riding over to Blockbuster to return a DVD. About 10 minutes after that stop I flatted on Summit Parkway. After changing the tube I continued along at warm-up pace. After maybe an hour of ride time, I finally ramped up the pace and rode mostly tempo for the final 2 hours. It was real windy out there, but I adjusted by using the little ring a lot. Psychologically, its hard to go 12 mph for a stretch into the wind, but it's easier to accept the slower pace than fight it.

One crappy thing happened on the ride. I managed to return without a ziploc bag containing my driver's license, credit card, and $10, which was stuffed into a jersey pocket. I was carrying a lot of stuff in my pockets, including a Cliff bar that I removed several times to take bites from. Somewhere on the 58 mile loop, that important bag most have flown out. I realized this many hours after returning. Today I rode 49 of those miles looking for the bag, but didn't see it. Credit card is already cancelled, so my only real loss is $10 cash and $10 to get a reissued license. I've been riding since I bought my first real road bike in 1986, and this is the first time I've lost anything of significance on a ride.

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