Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday Hard Group Ride

I drove into town today to ride with the group leaving from Outspokin. Several of us are prepping to race next weekend, so we split off from the main group after leaving the fort and heading down Percival. From that point we hammered along for the next 25 miles until the store stop in Eastover at just under 24 mph, on a route that included plenty of hills and some good wind. For that 1:03 portion I was at 90%, or 284 watts NP. At the end of that section Rich went by me in the sprint on Chaingang.

There were some tired legs in the group after the stop and we backed off for a while. Then I had my peak 5 minutes leading us up Horrel Hill at 323 watts. The light caught us, so we got about 1 minute to completely rest after that.

Heading back through the fort, it seemed like we might just chill, but Tom C attacked a climb and Ward followed. That seemed to touch things off, and the section on Hartsville Guard saw several attacks with Rich winding up on the front at the end.

Then my rear shifter cable broke, and I got to ride the final 25 minutes in the 39x12. We did shut it down from there and I had an AP of 99 watts at a cadence of 64.

This ride was a lot harder than the 204 watt AP, and 20.2 mph would suggest. The overall numbers are skewed by the long warm-up and cool-down. We actually did the 47 mile business portion of the ride at 22.4 mph and my NP was 271 watts.

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