Sunday, February 8, 2009

Team Training Ride

Saturday morning the Palmetto Velo team training ride rolled out from 5 Points with about 15 or so riders under bright blue skies and a temp of 52 degrees. We had some stop and go as we slowly worked our way over to West Columbia, but once we hit open roads we settled into a pretty good pace. It was fast enough that we made a store stop at mile 20 to allow a few stragglers to catch back on.

From there on we rode mostly double paceline, with occasional splits in the group on climbs. We averaged 22.3 mph for the middle 50 miles of the ride, despite the fact that it was windy. The hardest portion of the ride was right before getting back to town. A few attacks and a breakaway with Nick and Lang resulted in a 10 minute period where I had a 312 watt NP at 25 mph. All in all it was a good 3 hours of training. I've done 137 miles over the last 2 days, leaving my TSB at -30.

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