Sunday, February 8, 2009

Solo 50 Miler

The weather was perfect throughout my now completed three-day endurance block. Today might have been the best. I left my house at 11 am in shorts and short sleeve jersey. It was in the 60's and temps rose above 70, but the bright sun made it feel warmer. I now have tan lines on my legs and arms. Hard to believe that it was 9 degrees here just a few days ago.

My goal for today was to ride L2 for 2.5 hours. I expected to be weary from the last couple of big days, but in the first 5 minutes I could tell that I actually felt better than I did yesterday, so I decided to ramp up the pace to L3 after the first hour. After doing that first hour at 203 watts average, I sped up and did 1.5 hours at 245 watts average. When I finished I wasn't nearly as tired as the two previous days. I hope this means that I will recover quickly so I can ramp up my training even more this coming week.

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