Monday, February 23, 2009

Long Recovery Ride

It was cold and windy today, but since I'm not working on Mondays I went out for a ride. I was tired from the last couple of days, so I kept the pace easy. I hovered around 200 watts or so most of the time. I did zero hard efforts. My 1 minute max power was only 254 watts and that was climbing a steep hill with 2 miles to go. For comparison, I recently did a 3 hour ride at 255 watts average. I felt pretty good, but even at this easy pace, I was tiring in the last half hour. My average heart rate was only 119 with a max of 139. I can hit high 190's, so by that measure I didn't work hard today.

I've decided that I'm done building my CTL for now, and I'm going to transition into some higher intensity, lower volume work. CTL is 92.1 today with TSB of -28.8. The next two weekends I'm going to do some RR's that I'd like to do well in. Then there is a weekend with 2 crits here in town.

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