Saturday, February 21, 2009

Donaldson Center RR

Today marked the start of the 09 racing season. I raced a 57 mile pro/1/2 road race in Greenville, SC for my new team, Palmetto Velo. LL and I started the race with a huge field of probably over 100. The course was about 7 miles, and we did 8 laps. The first half of the race was pretty hard and all breaks were quickly brought back in. I spent most of the time stuck in the middle of the group trying to move up. I got all the way to the front once for about 3 seconds.

In the second half of the race a large break got up the road and our pace slowed. The first half was about 90% or 283 watts NP, which was pretty tough, but the second half of the race was much easier at about 79% (248 watts NP). I spent the last couple of laps stuck in the back half of the group. Inside the last 500 meters I steered around a crash and finished safely.

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Justin said...

You were right about the huge field. I spoke with one of the officials during your race, and he said there were 102 riders in the Pro 1/2 field.